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Looking After Shellharbour Vehicles

Is your car approaching its next logbook service and you need to find a mechanic you can trust? Run into a spot of mechanical bother? At Oaks Automotive, our licensed mechanics will look after your vehicle’s mechanical and electrical needs. We’ve been servicing, repairing and rebuilding Shellharbour automobiles for over 30 years; from Toyota Land Cruisers to classic Holden Toranas.

We’re a family-owned and run business, founded way back in 1989, dedicated to helping customers get the most out of their vehicles – whether it’s a weekend off-roader, work ute or a cheap run-around. Our specialty, however, is looking after vintage cars. We’re experienced in repairing, servicing and restoring classics, so you can rest assured that when you trust in us, your true love will be in safe hands.

To book in for a service, repair or help with a restoration project, get in touch today.

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Is your car out of action or looking worse for wear? We repair everything from brakes, clutches and suspensions, to electrical systems and air conditioning for Shellharbour customers.

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Is your car due for registration or perhaps a service? We undertake minor and major logbook servicing for Shellharbour customers, including issuing pink slips (formerly known as eSafety certificates).

Frequently Asked Questions

A: No. When buying a brand new car from an auto dealer, they’ll often make you feel as though you need to service the car at their dealership for the warranty to remain valid. This has been industry practice for years, leaving consumers unsure about what is correct. Given this uncertainty, many new car owners prefer to play it safe and maintain their vehicle through the dealership; usually at an uncompetitive price. As long as your car is serviced by a licensed mechanic according to the logbook requirements, your warranty will not be voided. It’s important to ensure that you meet your servicing timelines in terms of mileage or date and that the mechanic also stamps your logbook. At Oaks Automotive, we ensure that Shellharbour customers get licensed servicing at a competitive price.

A: A pink slip – formerly referred to as an eSafety certificate – is required every 12 months before registering a vehicle older than 5 years in NSW. If you apply for a 6-month registration, you’ll still only need one per year. To obtain a pink slip, drop your car at a licensed mechanic for an eSafety check. Once passed, you’ll have up to six months to renew your registration before it expires. Be aware that not all mechanics can complete an eSafety check, but at Oaks Automotive, we do.
A: When buying new tyres you might find yourself asking: why do I need a wheel alignment? It’s true that you can get away without having one, but the longevity of your new tyres will be severely compromised. If you haven’t had a wheel alignment in the past 12 months, it’s likely the angles of your wheels will have shifted. The result? Uneven wear of your tyres, leading to a reduced lifespan. When having new tyres fitted at Oaks Automotive near Shellharbour, we’ll sort this for”text-decoration: underline;”>call us today.