Conversions, inspection and servicing

Save up to 40% on your fuel bill by converting your vehicle to LPG. At Oaks Automotive, we can convert, inspect and service your car.
Since autogas is free of impurities, converting your car can improve the engine life and reduce recurring maintenance cost.
Other benefits of LPG are:
  • Less engine noise & vibration
  • Smooth & consistent vehicle performance
  • Flexibility for dual use of Auto LPG & petrol
  • It won’t compromise driving performance
  • Reduce harmful emission such as CO2, oxides of sulphur & nitrogen & suspended particulate matter
Our licensed team can also inspect and service your vehicle according to state regulations.
Car Repairing - LPG, inspection, conversion, servicing in Oak Flats, NSW

Call us to book for an inspection or to convert your car.

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